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AT Still Biography - "From the Dry Bone to the Living Man

Welcome to our web site for Dr Jealous’ audio lecture series A Biodynamic View of Osteopathy.

This site is for the sale of Dr Jelaous' English spoken CDs. The CDs are part of an ongoing audio book for students of the Biodynamics program, osteopaths, physicians, and other healthcare professionals with an interest in this wholistic osteopathic approach.

This audio text is available in CD format. Each chapter is approximately 60 minutes of lecture, discussion, skills exercises and recommended reading. The completion of the text is ongoing as it is an evolving structure reflecting 40 years of traditional osteopathic thinking. This text centres on general osteopathic practice and primary care situations and discusses the use of osteopathic principles and practice from a variety of perspectives.

The series is ongoing at this time and is planned to include 100 chapters of audio text material. As this series is created it is important to note that each chapter is uniquely created and related to earlier and later chapters.

CDs in Other Languages and for Orders Outside Europe.

These CDs are also available translated and spoken in French and German. Click on the following links for enquiries. Australia, France, Germany, and U.S.A.

Which CDs and what is the cost?
CDs are priced at 13 Pounds sterling plus post and packing costs. CDs can be purchased online through this site, using Mastercard and Visa credit card payments, via the PayPal payment system. Purchases of twenty or more CDs qualify for a 10% discount.

Undergraduate students or those with limited financial means wishing to purchase CDs can email with requests for further financial assistance in purchasing these lectures.

Contact email address: biobook@aol.com

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